What’s the real value of wedding photos? Not the wedding photography that produced those images, but what the wedding photographer delivered to the client?

Recently someone came in to collect their photos from us, and brought with them the client who’d used our services and subsequently referred their friend to us.
We got talking about the time that had slipped away at an ever-increasing rate, since the first client’s wedding, and reflected on the changes since then.
I asked the first client how often they look at their album, and the answer surprised me.
“We look at it at least twice a week, and then it goes on the bedroom cupboard near the door for me to grab if the house is ever on fire.”
Wow- what an answer!

I paused for a moment, and said: “Get yourselves out, don’t worry about the album. We have the artwork files, as well as all your images archived in three separate location in fireproof vaults. We’ll always be able to have your album remade for you.”
“Gee” the lady said,”not many photographers would guarantee that!”
Yes- it was an interesting comment. I find that most photographers don’t want to accept the responsibility of looking after something that might be needed years or decades from now, if at all.

Where are your wedding photos stored? What is your backup plan?
At the very least, you should have an off-site copy made. Wedding photos don’t need ultra-critical storage conditions, like film from yesteryear. Just have one set on a hard drive in a fireproof vault and another set on a flash drive also in a fireproof vault, and you should be good to go.

The optimum resolution for wedding photography depends a lot on the end use of the images. Facebook needs less resolution than wall-sized murals, and the file formats of today might not necessarily be readable by the technology of tomorrow.
Read more about the best resolution for wedding photography if you’re unsure of your pixels, bits and megabytes.

As you plan your wedding with much anticipation, it’s hard to imagine ever losing the pictures.
We get about 3 requests per year, to rewrite wedding photos to USB, because clients lose their images. Most of the time, it’s because a computer system failed and there was no backup copy of the hard drive. Of course the DVD or USB which originally held the wedding photos has long gone- lost somewhere in house moving, baby arrival, or just absorbed by life itself.

The point of all this?
We’ve got you covered- but cover yourself too. Backup and store your wedding photos safely, so that you have peace of mind- and enjoyment- for the future.


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