Warrook Cattle Farm Wedding

Warrook Cattle Farm in Monomeith Victoria was host to this wedding, which featured wedding trucks as transport, and photography throughout the rustic property on the South Gippsland Highway out of Melbourne.

Wedding Trucks at Warrook Cattle Farm form a backdrop for this groom waitig to get married. Wedding portrait photography of a bride at Warrook Cattle Farm. The ring-bearer page boy and flowergirl walk down the aisle at Warrook farm Victoria

The stars of this weddng photography gallery feature in the images above. The groom, shown with three immacultely presented trucks, used as wedding transport, the bride who was as radiant as a bride could be- and two junior stars of the day- the pageboy and flowergirl.

Wedding portrait photography of a bride walking down the aisle at her Warrook Cattle Farm wedding. The bride smiles at her groom, during their warrook farm wedding. A groom smiles at his bride during wedding vows at Warrook Cattle Farm, Australia

Australian Farn Weddings are filled with rustic country charm and are a great way to experience a rural atmosphere in wedding photography as the photos on this page show. The wedding photographers made use of the clear spring light after a cloudy start, to show this unique property featured in the gallery presented here.

A graceful tree frames this wedding couple during their vows at Warrook farm. Signing the marriage register at Warrook cattle farm This group photo taken from up a tree, shows everyone present at a farm wedding

Thorough planning and attention to detail was the secret to this couple’s great day. Both were organised- and the lack of stress shows very clearly on their faces in these very natural wedding photos. It was a pleasure to work in this rustic country outdoor setting with these people. Everyone simply had a great time- as the photos show!

A just-married groom enjoys some fun at Warrook Farm, Victoria A bride laughs with guests after her wedding ceremony at Warrook farm A bride laughs in this natural wedding photo taken at a country wedding.

There was a world of wedding photography opportunity wating after the ceremony at Warrook farm. We did a quick shot near the farm paddock with the groom’s favourite truck, and I have also included a couple of very low light bridal portraits shot with almost no light at all- long after most wedding photographers would have packed up and gone home. It’s great to use the best wedding photography equipment, it makes life- and great images- easy on the wedding day shoot.

A just-married couple enjoys some candid fun at Warrook Farm, Victoria A Kenworth truck is the bridal transport for this couple from Melbourne. This night time portrait of newlyeds was taken on the driveway at Warrook Cattle farm, long after sunset.