Tips for Brides Having Wedding Photography

Melbourne Wedding Photographers present this collection of tips for the bride- to help you enjoy your wedding photography and achieve the best possible results working with your wedding photographer. It all starts before your wedding day- you’ve probably heard the saying “failing to plan is planning to fail“. Do everything you can to be prepared. Don’t leave beauty routines until the last minute, when things run late in the week before the wedding, the stress will come through on the day, and it will show in your photos. Plan for the week before your wedding- a week where you and your future husband can relax and see the results of all your combined effort come together.

Be pampered- have your makeup artist and hair stylist stay with you on the day, to ensure you look and feel your best!

Our wedding makeup artist and hair stylist offers a “no extra charge” attendance at your photo shoot, right up until your entrance at reception, if you book her as your wedding makeup artist and/or hair stylist. This service is unique- no other wedding photographer offers it, and no other makeup artist provides it! We’ve been running this combined option for about two years now, and it has been very well received by brides. If you would like to enquire about this service, use our contact form to email us.

Don’t try to look good- just be yourself, and you will look good.

Respond naturally and candidly to what’s happening around you and the pictures will show you as a glowing radiant bride. Ensure everything fits- especially your shoes! It’s difficult to relax and be at ease in ill-fitting footwear. Wear your wedding shoes in- so they have had the chance to mould to your feet before the big day.

Keep your bouquet down!

When you walk down the aisle, when you mingle with guests after the ceremony, don’t hide behind your flowers! Otherwise, with your face hidden, you will have pictures of what looks like a bouquet of flowers wearing a wedding dress. Funny for one shot, highly undesirable for every shot. Imagine the bouquet is heavy- and it should keep those flowers down low for you.

Be sure everything is planned properly and you’re not cutting corners.

The wedding day is not the day to be finalizing logistics. It will never work out right if you leave it until the last minute, and the stress will show in your photos.

Wedding Day Timing Tips

Ensure your make up artist does not leave you until last on the wedding day, because you will invariably run late and miss out on photos. If there is a delay of any more than two or three minutes with the first person’s hair or makeup, this will compound and snowball throughout the entire day. It’s likely that by the time you have left home, you will have lost 30-40 minutes of what should have been fun wedding photography time. If something happens and you lose time, make absolutely sure you can contact the reception venue and have the reception start later, to make up for the time you lost shooting. If they suggest you go out for photos between main course and speeches, or at some point during the evening, it all sounds great on the phone, but doesn’t work on the day- they dynamic is different, and it won’t work.

Almost always, you won’t feel much like going out once you’ve had some food, drink and a bit of an unwind.