Chateau Wyuna Wedding Photographer Gallery

Wedding Photography in Melbourne benefits from having a venue with lots to offer the photographer. The picturesque, rolling grounds of Chateau Wyuna are as different as the seasons, with color in the garden twelve months of the year, and lovely groves of deciduous trees allowing light to filter through the canopy in the winter months.

A Melbourne Wedding Photo taken in the grounds of Chateau Wyuna Wedding Photography at Melbourne venue Chateau Wyuna

Wedding Photography benefits from venues which offer a diversity of settings, and Chateau Wyuna is one of those magical spots where the time of day doesn’t matter to your wedding photos. We have featured a some photos here which were taken in quite dark conditions- clever use of lighting has brought out detail in the background and prevented foreground burnout. In one instance it was so dark, we had to shine a torch onto the bridal couple to enable us to see them in the composition, before taking the shot. Of course the torch was switched off before we took the photo!

A Melbourne wedding photo of a bride and groom at Chateau Wyuna. Wedding Photography at Melbourne venue Chateau Wyuna, with a bride and groom together on  garden bench seat