Wedding Photography Packages Melbourne

Wedding Photographers Melbourne Packages include all you need to enjoy your wedding photos. Our work is presented to you on either DVD or USB drive, in high resolution, without any watermarks or copy control. This means you just get on with the sharing and enjoying- post your wedding photos online, or make stunning wall prints up to 2 meters in length.

More wedding photography package details below.

Our wedding photography is flexible, in terms of the time you book us for, as well as the inclusions you select. You can:

  • have amazing wedding photography for your Melbourne wedding, under $1000
  • benefit from professional wedding photographers expertise, spanning decades
  • book just the photography with all your photos on DVD in high-resolution without watermark
  • be free to design your own album anywhere, and have prints made anywhere
  • have us design your digital album, and you print a photo book online saving lots of money
  • come to us for an album, storyboard or portraits later
  • enjoy the best value wedding photography in Melbourne- nothing else comes close

If you are searching for wedding photography packages which give you the flexibility to customize time, album choice and provide your high resolution images, then you’ll find them here.

Melbourne Wedding Photography Package Inclusions

These inclusions apply for Melbourne weddings booked with us for 2014 and 2015 only.

  • Unlimited wedding photos taken within the time you have booked us for- and you get all of them to keep
  • All photographs taken by us are optimised and edited for print output to a massive 2 meters long
  • Artwork to selected images- part color, edge effects, montages, images combined into each other
  • All the original camera raw format negatives can be yours if you supply a memory stick for us to load them onto (32GB stick, brand new in packaging)
  • No copy control on the files- no watermarks
  • Unlimited personal use (home, your own facebook, email to friends) whether electronic or print
  • All travel on the day is included (within 80 km of studio) no extra charge

Melbourne Wedding Photography Under $1000

The best value, time based wedding photography Melbourne. Pay only for the time you need.

The wedding photography and photos on disk packages are ideal if you just want photography and freedom to do what you like with designing and printing your own album, wall mounts or canvas prints.

Melbourne Wedding Photography Storyboard showing a wedding from Ballara Receptions Eltham.

Wedding Photography Storyboards- as Shown Above

These beautiful wedding storyboards measure 82cm x 82 cm- that’s big! They come to you framed in a black frame, matted and glazed.There are 24 credit card sized photos set around the perimeter of one big print, and together these images tell the story of your wedding day as seen by us. Different areas of the storyboard are devoted to telling specific chapters of the day, all within one artistic photographic presentation.

You need a sturdy hook for these- they are heavy! A self-adhesive picture hook is not enough. They need to hang on a hook that is fixed into a stud, not tacked through plaster.

Free Wedding Photography Storyboard Offer!

Check to see if your 2014 or 2015 wedding photography booking is eligible for a free wedding photography storyboard!.

For more information, use the wedding photographers melbourne contact page to send us your enquiry. You’ll receive an answer within 30 minutes, any time day or night.

Wedding Album Styles and Prices

Wedding Album prices depend on number of pages, features and cover styles. We have a range of wedding albums on display, which show all the different options available. We also have specials on wedding albums, these start at an incredibly low $700, for bevel cut designer albums, and include the album custo mat cutting, enlargements, as well as assembly. For people who would like to print their own wedding phoography album, we can do all the design work for you and provide you with a soft copy of your album layouts on disk, dvd or usb stick.

Soft Copy Wedding Albums on Disk

We can design your wedding abum with all of the effects, artwork and creative work you would like, and provide the finished, printer-ready files for you on DVD, so you can have prints made anywhere.

The wedding photography display layouts we use are unique to each wedding, custom designed by us as we create each album. This guarantees exclusivity in presentation, with a look that is unique to your wedding photography.

Most wedding photography printers run at either 200dpi, 300dpi or in rare cases, 400dpi. We can size your wedding photography layouts for you so that they are ready to print, on the output device of your choice. We can even include a hard copy of a test file so you can ensure the printer’s calibration is correct before committing the entire album.

Wedding Album Inclusions- Design, Artwork and Enlargements

If designing and producing your own wedding album is not for you, we can offer you this service at a fantastic price.

All our fully finished, professional wedding albums include

  • Album covers in either modern or traditional fabrics
  • Pages in either matted, bevel cut designs OR “magazine style” edge to edge depending on album style inclusions
  • Creative artwork as per package inclusions
  • All enlargements required to complete your album
  • Professional assembly of wedding album, including archival storage box
  • Lifetime guarantee on wedding album and photographs
  • Albums hand-made here in Melbourne, by a boutique bookbinder- not some cheap import

Bevel Cut Matted Wedding Albums

This style of wedding album- see sidebar at right- has recessed windows in pages to present the photos. Another terms for these albums is designer album.

Digital, Magazine Style Wedding Albums- the Modern Artbook of Wedding Photography

The digital wedding album- or magazine style wedding album has edge to edge artwork on each page. Our unique designs are as varied as our clients’ weddings. Each album is designed and produced in our studio- so it reflects the style and personalities of the bride and groom, and we use elements of the day to illustrate it, so the final look is truly yours. Professional digital magazine albums- the ones we make- are not the ones you get in an office supply store or from an online service provider. Ours weigh between 2 and 3 kilograms, and have creative artwork throughout. Our prints are silver hallide archival- made to last, “real photographic paper”- old school, processed in chemistry, not printed on an inkjet printer.

Magazine albums are the real thing. They represent the ultimate in wedding photography presentation. Complete digital albums, including artwork, design, printing and bookbinding, start from an incredibly low $700, when ordered at the same time as a wedding photography package.

See the sidebar at right, for more info and an example of a digital album layout.

More wedding photography Melbourne price info by email

If you would like to know more, or simply want to check your wedding date availablity, use the handy Melbourne wedding photographer contact form to send us your enquiry. We will be in touch promptly. Our studio is in Dandenong South, we can offer business hours, evening and weekend appointments. We have lots of off-street parking, and either hot coffee or cold drinks, depening on Melbourne’s fickle weather!