Yarra Valley Weddings

Wedding Photography at Melbourne restaurants and Yarra Valley wineries takes on the local flavour with a twist. Restaurants and vineyards often have wedding ceremonies on site, followed by wedding photography. This makes them ideal one-stop locations for your wedding ceremony, photos and receptions. Some of the wineries in the Yarra Valley feature wedding chapels, others have covered outdoor areas to protect you from the weather.

A wedding photo showing a melbourne bridal couple walking along a quiet country lane wedding photography featuring an old gate, newlyweds and giant oak tree.

When considering a winery or restaurant for wedding photography or your wedding ceremony keep the following in mind as you explore the hidden treasures of Melbourne’s Yarra Valley:

  • Does the venue provide adequate cover in case of inclement weather- and can you swap to the chapel or enclosure in an instant- a very important point to consider, because the weather in the Yarra Valley can change rapidly at times
  • Is there adequate seating in both places, for all those guests who will require seats?
  • What else is happening at the venue on the day, and more importantly, at the same time as your wedding?
  • What about the access from your transport to walking down the aisle- are you on a hill- in mud- how will you get the stretch limousine in there?
  • Will there be a dedicated wedding coordinator on the day to look after those fiddly things that need attending to?
  • How flexible is the venue- if you are late, or if things run over time, ask the venue how exactly they would handle everything if they had to serve your meals an hour later, so you didn’t miss out on wedding photography time? Their answers might shock you.

Try to visit your selected venue in the same season as your wedding will be in, to gauge its suitability for the day, and to see how appealing you find it in conditions that will be realistic to what you are likely to encounter on your wedding photography session.

These are very important points, some of them might not have made it onto your list of things to check, because let’s face it- it’s not every day that you plan a wedding! Wedding photography draws a lot from surroundings, so look at how the grounds are presented and maintained- look at the little details, don’t just sweep your eyes over the big picture- and happy venue hunting. We will always be happy to give you a wedding photographer’s perspective on the locations you have short listed.

night shot wedding photography melbourne restaurant forest edge night shot wedding photography melbourne- a bride is photographed with candle light illumination

The wedding photography shown on this page is from a Melbourne winter wedding, with crisp cool mountain air, and soft still light, the pictures take on a painterly quality. This is a prime example of winter wedding photography in outer Melbourne. The same scenes in summer, at this Melbourne winery, take on a completely different look. The stark differences would have you believe the shots were made at a totally different location.

These following two galleries are from popular- and very different – Yarra Valley wedding venues.

What opportunity does the venue provide for night shots? Wedding photography after dark can take on a magical quality when the light is used correctly by the photographer. Highly skilled use of lighting in the scenes shown here, both captured just before 7pm on a winter evening (yes, it was very dark) has tranformed the scene into dusk, instead of the total black which prevailed. The wedding photographer’s bag contains light modifiers, designed to cope with any situation. Ensure you book a professional!