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We have been amongst the best wedding photographers in Melbourne for decades.

Our wedding photography is a pictorial rendering of the events surrounding your wedding, as we see them. We use a range of wedding photographer techniques to show you in the most favourable, flattering light the moment can provide.

As your wedding photographers, we have expectations of you- that you are ready and arrive on time, that you provide us with the uninterrupted time we need during the wedding photography session on the day, and that you want what we do- that you are on the same page as us.

Really it’s all common sense- but it’s worth mentioning here. These are the important ingredients which you need and cannot compromise.They are all essential in providing you with the best wedding photography experience, and ultimately the best images from your day.

wedding photography with mustang convertible.Fun wedding photography, Melbourne University

There’s much more to wedding photography than people realise. Without the controlled environment of a studio, or the luxury of time, wedding photographers need to have a modifiable workflow that does anything but run to a schedule. When you evaluate wedding photography, look for something unique in the images that shows skill in capture, not photo editing. Once wedding photos have been taken, all kinds of digital artwork and enhancements can be done. Post-capture processing is not a rescue mission or wedding photography lifesaver. In the days of film, these options did not exist, and real photographers remained in business, whereas the incompetent ones soon slipped off the radar.

As accomplished Melbourne wedding photographers we have more experience individually than most studios have combined, which means you benefit from all those years at the front line of professional wedding photography! The photographic style featured throughout the galleries makes for spontaneous images from natural events, and when appropriate- some direction in the mix provides the touch of glamour in the shots that brides love. The art direction leaves absolutely no doubt that the images were shot by a professional photographer- not some random pixel pusher rushing to the computer to rescue their mistakes!

Our style of photography is designed to make you look good! Decades of magazine photography (bridal and fashion) enable us to work quickly with you, using stunning Hollywood lighting on location, creating wedding photos that show you at your best, yet still have a very natural look about them. The photography happens quickly; there’s no posing for shots which takes hours, no drawn out process on the day. We provide natural, vibrant wedding photography to capture the magnificent images you will treasure for all time.

Experience counts for a lot in wedding photography- it’s one of the few aspects of the wedding day which you can’t redo if it didn’t work out right the first time. If the wedding day timing doesn’t quite run to plan, we will still bring the images home for you and exceed your expectations. This is why you engage a professional wedding photographer.

Melbourne Wedding Photography is unique and distinctive. We are in a vibrant artistic city which affords us the most incredible locations and opportunity for capturing fantastic wedding photos, within a relatively small geographic area. Coffee shops in colorful lane ways encourage wedding photography. We have often seen random acts from total strangers- flowers bought for the bride, champagne provided in the street, free horse and buggy rides- to name a few. As Melbourne Wedding Photographers, we utilize these spontaneous moments to create gorgeous, artistic and vibrant images our clients will cherish for always. The Melbourne Wedding Photographers website features a style that is unique; regularly browsed and imitated by those lacking imagination of their own- we are flattered that they find our work worthy of copying, yet saddened to think that they lack talent of their own.

Browse the wedding photography galleries within this website for inspiration and ideas to help plan the photography for your wedding day. See the different Melbourne wedding photography locations indexed and check out your favorite ones.