Beach Wedding Gallery, Melbourne

Melbourne Wedding Photographers sample photo of a beach wedding in panoramic format Melbourne Wedding Photographers folio image of a beach sunset wedding photo.

Victoria’s beaches are sensational for wedding photography. The main reasons for this are that the back beaches (those that face the ocean) provide the opportunity for the last rays of light to be used effectively as a light source, while still keeping the stunning rock formations in the scene. This is a feature unique to the placement of Victorian beaches- you can enjoy fantastic stunning coastal scenery without having to trek for long distances. The reflections of light from coastal sandstone is very flattering to human skin- the colour in your wedding photos will be beautiful. Sand is clean- unlike mud, sand will just brush off- your guests won’t even know where you’ve been on your photo shoot.

Wedding Photography Melbourne Ocean Beach on a Windy, Stormy Day in April. Wedding Photography showing a Melbourne bridal couple on a lookout above an ocean beach. Wedding Photographers Melbourne captured this image of a newly wed couple against a background of sculpted sandstone on the ocean beach.

As beautiful as wedding photography on the beach can be, it is vital that you prepare a contingency plan for the unexpected. Oceans deliver the full dose of nature- whatever the season! See and read more about Beach Wedding Photography by following the link to our back beach wedding photography Melbourne page. If your wedding day is excessively windy or hot, you might not want to visit the back beach any more with that walk across scorching hot sand, so have a backup location sorted and scouted ahead of time.

Wedding Photography Melbourne showing a bridal couple on the beach, walking along the sand. Welbourne Wedding Photography of a bride and groom kissing at sunset on the beach. A Wedding Photo by Melbourne Photographer Pete Lorocco showing a bridal couple walking along the shore

Ideally preview your locations just prior to the wedding day, so you know of any impending disruptions which could send your plans into turmoil! It’s no fun sitting in the limousine, confronted by construction work and scaffolding through the window, when you wanted a beautiful beach scene.

Wedding Photography of a bridal party on a walkway at a Melbourne Ocean beach in wild, windy weather Wedding Photography of a Melbourne bridal party among the rocks on an ocean beach foreshore. Wedding Photographers Melbourne captured this image of a newly wed couple and their bridal party, amongst tidal rock pools on the ocean beach.

Many of the wedding photos on this page were taken throughout the ocean beaches and front beaches of the Mornington Peninsula, a short drive from Melbourne’s South East. We encountered all types of weather conditions on these shoots, and the beautiful images are testimony to the commitment our customers show, to getting outstanding wedding photos. Nature doesn’t wait- and neither does the weather. You just have to get out there, get on with it, and grab those shots.

Our versatile lighting, and light modifiers for wedding photography come into play many times over, to achieve the looks that we are after, when this would ordinarily be impossible in the same conditions without the right gear.