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One of Melbourne’s best kept secrets for wedding photography would surely be the Treacy Centre just to the north of the main city precinct. Recently we shot a wedding there for this lovely couple who planned just enough to be well organised- yet left ample opportunity for randomness which enabled us all to have copious amounts of fun during the photography sessions which followed

This Treacy centre wedding gallery shows images of an outdoor ceremony, with a full group photo taken in the rose garden after the wedding concluded. Also shown, are shots around the Treacy Centre’s garden, as well as one made on the stairs inside.

Pre-wedding photo of bride on bed collage of bridal photography

The Treacy Centre is one of those places which invites exploration. Compact- yet with ample room to move, as well as easy access for the arrival of wedding party, guests, disabled or elderly visitors as well as photographers lugging mountains of gear- it’s an easy place to work in. Abundant wedding photography opportunities exist within the grounds, as the shots below attest.

Bridesmaids and bride together on bed before wedding Wedding portrait collage of a bride

The images featured here are from the couples’ wedding album as presented to them, page by page. The photos shown above, were taken at the bride’s parents’ home- a work of art in itself. Meticulously decorated and appointed, the home was a hard place to leave, with so many wedding photography potential on offer.

Portrait collage of bridal photography Treacy centre wedding photo of groom and groomsmen

The bride’s arrival is shown in the photos below- the Treacy Centre provides easy access for wedding cars and the circular driveway means there are no problems getting in and out- no awkward reversing, in the incessant beeping of backup indicators. These factors can make or break a grand entrance- and you want everything going in your favour, not against you.

Treacy Centre wedding portrait of bride arriving Treacy centre wedding certificate montage

The wedding ceremony was held under the massive tree in the front garden. There was ample shade- and more than enough light, too. It was one of those spots that would work in any condition- our bet is that this huge tree would even hold off a light rain shower during a wedding. The bride and groom exchanged vows in front of their family and friends, and signed the register right after they’d concluded.

Treacy Centre wedding registry signing Black and White photo with red rose petals
Full wedding group at Treacy Centre Melbourne Treacy Centre wedding with vintage car transport
Wedding couple on stairs at Treacy Centre Wedding photo at Melbourne Cricket Ground
Wedding photography at Albert Park Melbourne Albert Park Lake wedding photo
Fun bridal party at Melbourne wedding Wedding photo of bridal party having fun
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