Wedding Photography at Elmswood Estate Vineyard

Elmswood Estate Winery in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley was the setting for this recent wedding featured here.

The venue provides countless opportunities for wedding photography in any weather- as we found out that day!

Clever design, which combines a creative blend of rustic and modern, provides a range of photographic backdrops in a small space- which means you’re not traipsing all over the place to get your wedding photos.

From a photographer’s perspective, the range of settings and backdrops is superb.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies at Elmswood Estate Winery are held overlooking the rolling hills of the Yarra Valley, and these provide a stunning backdrop for wedding photography

The range of settings doesn’t end outdoors either- photography at the bar and in the lounge area adjacent to the bar provides a different look to your wedding photos- and a chance to enjoy a much needed drink!

The quality of light and range of settings at Elmswood Winery in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley means you’ll get fantastic photos no matter what the weather or time of year.