Wedding Photography in Melbourne Bars

The Wedding Photography shown here is from a popular Melbourne Bar, and it provided a welcome break- and refreshing stopover for the bridal party! The lighting in this venue was moody and low- similar in many ways to a tavern and we shot photos quickly in a number of spots.

Wedding Photography of a Melbourne couple in a bar Newlyweds enjoying a dring in a tavern-like bar setting.

On this unexpected hot Melbourne day, the benefit of pre planning  came to the fore. Originally booked as a wet weather wedding photography venue, this dim Melbourne bar provided a beautiful photography setting and a welcome escape from the heat outside. Of course, with Melbourne weather, we didn’t have to wait very long for something different to happen. After a short break taking photos in this dim tavern-like setting, we came outside and made a quick detour to our next stop, before the approaching storm front arrived.

A bride and groom by the staircase in a Melbourne bar A bride looking at her gown, in an olde worlde setting

Melbourne Bars for Wedding Photography are the low hanging fruit of stunning backdrops. Each venue has a uniqueness, giving the pictures a distinct flavour. Sometimes it’s better to leave things as they are- not rearrange the furniture too much and aim for optimum wedding photo composition- the reckless randomness of this style of photography makes the pictures more authentic and real. If we use auxilliary photographic lighting, the effect is subtle. The lighting complements the scene, it doesn’t dominate it.

Wedding Photography of a bride on her wedding day, with an old staircase s a backdrop Ambient light provides the illumination for this wedding portrait taken in a Melbourne bar.

Different settings within the premises gave totally different lighting packages to work with. In the wedding portrait of the newlyweds, (see below) a strong directional light from the only window provided all the illumination. This side lighting contributed to the grittiness of the image, and provided some of the grunge texture. The bridal party image shown below relied totally on lighting spilling in from a number of different sources. Colour temperatures were mixed and manufacturing our own lighting would have destroyed the wonderful ambience of the room.

Directional light wedding photography, Melbourne Ambient light provides the illumination for this wedding portrait taken in a Melbourne bar.

The commplete venue had a distinct charm about it. The entrance door was rustic and weathered, as though it had seen many lifetimes of stormy weather. The lighting outside was attrocious, so we manufactured our own light to create the right atmosphere. This lent a wonderful, desaturated old-style look to the portrait of the bride, shown below left.

Rustic door used as wedding photography backdrop, Melbourne bar Ambient light provides the illumination for this wedding portrait taken in a Melbourne bar.

There is often something photogenic in the most unlikely places. Melbourne wedding photographers have life so easy, when it comes to finding great places to shoot. Be sure to get permission well in advance, and check whether or not there are any events planned for your alternate location or the surrounding areas. A traffic jam will bring your photography plans to a standstill- literally!