Lyrebird Falls Weddings

Lyrebird Falls was the setting for the wedding photography featured throughout this gallery. We provide a review of Lyrebird Falls from a photographer’s perspective. Read what stands out about the venue, see what wedding photography opportunities there are for creating the perfect wedding album. This information will help you to plan your wedding photography at the venue and surrounding photo locations.

Wedding Photography at Melbourne reception venue Lyrebird Falls A photo of a bride arriving for her Lyrebird Falls wedding. A bride before her Lyrebird Falls Wedding.

The layout of the grounds at Lyrebird Falls means that the bride turns to walk down the aisle, creating a sense of anticipation for the groom and wedding guests. The bride and groom stand on the steps of the gazebo as the ceremony is conducted by the minister or celebrant.

A bride and her dad walk down the aisle at Lyrebird Falls A photo of a bride arriving with her father, for her Lyrebird Falls wedding. The minister reads to a bride and groom at their Lyrebird Falls wedding.

This wedding at Lyrebird Falls was held in the garden. Synthetic turf meant there would be no mud if it rained- but the weather was kind. The bride and groom were from interstate, and booked their Melbourne wedding at Lyrebird Falls, because most of their friends and relatives were living in Melbourne.

The groom laughs during the wedding ceremony at Lyrebird Falls receptions. A bride and groom exchange rings at their Lyrebird Falls wedding ceremony Signing the wedding register after the ceremony at Lyrebird Falls Melbourne

The Wedding ceremony at Lyrebird Falls concluded, and we moved onto the shoot of the bride and groom together. In the series of photos below, we see a group photo as well as the first of the wedding album photos.

A group wedding photo taken at Lyrebird Falls, Melbourne Newlyweds exit their Lyrebird Falls wedding, surrounded by bubbles. The newlyweds pose with a motorbike after their wedding at Lyrebird Falls.

Mist in the forest lends itself to an ethereal atmosphere in these wedding photos. Romantic, artistic images like these can be yours if you book us to shoot your wedding, we can recreate this same look for you in any setting which has the right elements.

A rustic wedding photo from Lyrebird Falls receptions. Mist lends a surreal quality to this wedding photo taken in the forest at Lyrebird Falls The groom kisses the bride, as mist rests on the forest floor.

The advantage of Lyrebird Falls wedding photography- so many diverse settings within such a small area. The reception venue grounds are compact and interesting, lots to photograph in such a small area.

A bridal party on the bridge over the creek at Lyrebird Falls. A bride and groom share a passionate kiss beneath a single lamp A bride shares a candid moment with her bridesmaids at Lyrebird Falls, Melbourne.

These night wedding shots were taken within the grouds of Lyrebird Falls receptions, during the early twilight hours, of an October evening.

Night Wedding Photography at Melbourne reception venue Lyrebird Falls A photo of a bride at Twilight, after her Lyrebird Falls wedding. Wedding Photography Nightshot, in the garden of Lyrebird Falls