Forest Edge Weddings | Gembrook Victoria

Here’s some wedding photography from a recent ceremony held in the Forest Edge Restaurant garden, out in Gembrook. The bride arrived in an old straight 8 Buick car. Some photos are shown below. The sky was ominous, but the rain held off. The venue provides great photography opportunity, with little moving around required. The low angle viewpopint of the ceremony came from the sunken garden bed to the north of the ceremony site.

Wedding photography works well when there is room to move- and move quickly. Different viewpoints provide intersting perspectives to the pictures of the ceremony. In this instance, the group shot was taken from the balcony above the wedding.

Stunning wedding photography, Melbourne venues with lots to offer, and fantastic light conditions make an exciting photographer’s cocktail. Images like those shown here are what the Melbourne wedding photographers team create for clients who want the best wedding photography Melbourne offers.

A farm wedding held in an Australian barn at forest edge gembrook Signing the wedding register in a country barn on a gembrook farm

This attractive, country wedding was held in the doorway of a huge barn during stormy weather, in an Australian farm setting. The photograph at left was taken from a high vantage point and shows the wedding ceremony in progress, with the bride and groom standing at the doorway, still well protected from the weather. After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom signed the marriage register, in front of a crackling open wood fire.

Wedding photography melbourne- a wilderness setting provides a beautiful photo backdrop for this wedding A wedding photo of a bride standing on a deserted country road looking at her bouquet.

Wedding photography at Melbourne reception venue Forest Edge, enables the use of a huge range of settings all within an easily accessible area. Couples need not worry about other weddings in the vicinity, as would happen in parks, gardens or venues which host multiple weddings simultaneously. The venue is all yours- for the ceremony, wedding photography and reception.

Wedding portrait of newlyweds in a Melbourne forest Wedding photography showing Melbourne forest with newlyweds among tree ferns

Forest Edge weddings are never alike- the setting changes so quickly, even within the space of one season. This venue offers some incredible winter wedding photography- so if you’re looking for wedding ideas for winter in Melbourne, you’d be hard pressed to find anything better. The photos shown above are from a wedding photography session which took in a local property as well as Forest Edge Restaurant.

Melbourne wedding photographer portrait of newlyweds Wedding photography Melbourne forest, old hull framing bridal couple.

This is a venue where it just keeps getting better. There is lots on offer for wedding photography, some of the spots are a little out of the way- unusual wedding photography locations- but that only adds to the charm.

Wedding photography nightshot showing forest edge restaurant melbourne wedding photographer night shots of forest edge restaurant weddings

Melbourne Wedding Photographers utilize magnificent locations like those depicted here. These wedding photographs were taken at a recent wedding at a nearby property, available to customers of Forest Edge. Melbourne Wedding Photographers are the preferred photographers of this venue, knowing this venue and adjoining properties intimately means that we can get you the greatest number of stunning photos in these gorgeous rustic country winery settings, in the shortest time.

night wedding photography at melbourne's forest edge restaurant wedding photography at night in melbourne restaurant 'forest edge' showing the fountain and entrance

Here are some nightshots, showing the recently restyled garden at Forest Edge, Gembrook. Wedding Photography nightshots can render a location so differently to the familiar daytime look, that sometimes you have to take a long hard look to be certain you are looking at the same place!

Night shots – wedding photography at Melbourne restaurant “Forest Edge” provides some excellent settings for night shots, without the need to find city parking or dodge traffic. The idyllic setting shown in the photos above, depicts what can be done with the right technique and lighting, and utilizes the fountain outside the venue as part of the composition.

Wedding photography showing a bridal couple with a Hummer Stretch Limousine, at Forest Edge restaurant Gembrook. Wedding Photography showing a rustic, sepia photo of a bridal couple in a country setting.

Rustic wedding photography is adept at utilizing farm machinery and idyllic country settings such as a leafy grove so quiet you can hear the leaves falling, then this venue is ideal. With a river jetty, mystic fern filled forest gullies, and open meadows beneath rolling hills and vineyards, there is sure to be something that will delight your wedding photography senses.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne image of a Forest Edge wedding couple Wedding Photography featuring a river jetty at forest edge restaurant gembrook, victoria

Forest Edge Weddings utilize a nearby property, where our wedding photographers have shot lots of weddings before. The Wedding Photographers Melbourne Studio can provide you with stunning location portraits on your wedding day- immediately after the wedding ceremony, before you head back to the Forest Edge. The bridal party and wedding photograher are taken around the property by four wheel drive, providing convenient, easy access to all the best wedding photography locations on offer. It doesn’t matter what the Yarra Valley weather throws at you on your wedding day- the restaurant at Forest Edge, and the nearby property with all its different settings, provide ample opportunity to enjoy a fantastic, fun-filled photo shoot, which will yield great wedding photography in any season.

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