Weddings at Poets Lane Receptions | Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Fading evening twilight makes for great photography conditions at Poets Lane. Weddings in winter benefit from the mountain atmosphere which can transform a scene to one akin to a Northern Hemisphere scene. The middle photo in the gallery below was taken in light rain, and this lovely atmosphere would be lost in fine conditions. The image at the right of the group of three, shows water running down the walking path at Poets Lane. If you look closely, you will see that the fast flowing water resembles a creek.

A wedding photo taken at Poets Lane, which shows the groom holding his bride in his arms with the wedding car in the background. The groom holds the bride in his arms, in this beautiful misty nightshot taken during light rain. The groom kisses the bride on the cheek as they stand on the bridge after their Poets Lane wedding.

Poets Lane Weddings look great in all seasons. This gallery of wedding photography shows images from the bleakest winter days, as well as photos taken in glorious sunshine. The first few images in the gallery below, show the setting of the chapel, during an indoor wedding ceremony at Poets Lane, Mt Dandenong.

A poets lane wedding couple sign their marriage register in the chapel. A natural photo of the bride laughing at her wedding, poets lane. A group photo taken of everyone present, in the chapel after a poets lane wedding.

The photos shown below, portray the venue in appalling winter conditions. The light has an almost painterly quality to it, the colors in rainy wedding photos are so rich and vibrant. Don’t despair if your wedding day is a rainy one- in almost all cases, this will enhance your wedding photography. Melbourne weather serves up multiple seasons daily- this is something that wedding photographers deal with as a matter of routine.

A bridal couple share a happy moment in the garden after their wedding at Poets Lane. A wedding photo showing a bride on the bridge, taken in pouring rain at poets lane receptions. A romantic portrait of newyweds after their poets lane wedding, by wedding photographers melbourne.

Wedding Photography at Poets Lane is possible in a wide range of settings. Taken in the East Garden of the venue, the group shot shows everyone present at the wedding. The middle photo uses the tiny waterfall as the setting. Correct lighting, camera angle and lens selection transforms this tiny little water feature in a micro patch of garden, to look like a bush setting. These wedding photos are from an Autumn wedding at Poets Lane.