Wedding Photos from Potters Warrandyte

Wedding Photography at Potters Reception Warrandyte is spoiled for choice. So many settings, so many photo opportunities in one compact property. There’s an apartment available for use by bridal couples and their party, and in the first series of photos shown below, the bride stopped in at the apartment prior to the wedding ceremony, to have some photography.

Wedding photography of bride in Potters reception apartment A bride poses in the doorway before her wedding at Potters Reception A cross-screen photo of a bride at Potters Reception Warrandyte

The apartment at Potters is tastefully decorated- a combination of contemporary and rustic. This provides a limitless range of wedding photography opportunity- there’s something different in every room. In the photo below right, the bride relaxes on the bed, with the bedroom setting complementing her wedding dress and flowers.

Wedding photography in part black and white, part color, showing bride and attendants. A bride relaxes on the bed at Potters Reception

If you’re looking for an unusual chapel- one that lets you have a wedding almost outdoors in any kind of weather, then take a look at this one! The whole rear wall of the wedding chapel opens out and provides a nature backdrop for a wedding ceremony. The photography here shows the bride arriving for the ceremony, as the groom watches her walk down the aisle.

Wedding photography in part black and white, part color, showing bride and attendants. A bride wakls down the chapel aisle at Potters Reception

You’ll see from the shots below, that there are lots of photo opportunities during a wedding ceremony at Potters Reception. The chapel is huge- spacious, open, with room to move and lots of air circulating, so that guests and bridal party do not feel hemmed in, and enjoy your wedding ceremony.

The bride walks down the aisle to her wedding ceremony at Potters Reception Melbourne A bride with her bridesmaids outside the chapel at Potters The bride and groom sign their marriage register at Potters Reception

Once you have left the chapel after the wedding ceremony, you find yourself in a melbourne wedding photographer paradise.

Lots of wedding photography opportunities await, once you are in the garden at Potters! There is so much there- so much to explore, so many photo spots. Here are some pictures in the wedding photography gallery below, depicting the water feature behind the reception room at Potters.

Let’s not forget the front of Potters Receptions either- lots of wedding photography sites, you don’t have to look far or walk far- it’s an advatage when a venue is compact, and all the photo opportunities are within a nice tight cluster of space.

The bride and groom standing on the bridge outside Potters Reception The bride and groom in a close-up shot behind the reception room at Potters Warrandyte.

Let’s hope you like waterfalls and water features. Potters has a number of these, around the property. If you’re looking for water- fresh, tumbling water- then these water features are quite pretty. There are two primary spots for waterfall photography- both at opposite ends of the venue. In the gallery above, the water feature photos show the fountain behind the reception room, whereas the central image in the gallery below shows the front fountain photographed differently to how everyone else does it.

A bride and groom in an intimate pose by the water fountain outside Potters Reception

A wedding photo outside Potters Reception, showing the water feature in the front of the venue. Bride and Groom beneath a tall tree outside Potters Reception

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