Pre-Wedding Photography of the Bride

Wedding photography often starts at the bride’s home prior to departure for the ceremony. This is an ideal time for the bride to have some gorgeous, magazine style photos made of herself, just before everything gets hectic! This bridal wedding photo session can include casual, candid photography, as well as some artistic portraiture. The melbourne wedding photographers shooting style for this segment of the day generally avoids the outdoors- to take away any risk of staining or damaging the bride’s gown.

Getting the Best from Your Indoor Pre Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is better when the setting looks attractive. You don’t need unlimited settings and space for great pre wedding photos of the bride, but the space that is used, should be clean and clear. Two schools of thought prevail here- some people like like lots of things in the background, believing this tells the viewer more about the life and interests of the subject. The other perspective is that less is better- unless something directly contributes to the art direction of the image, remove it from the picture. Whichever way you go, aim for consistency.

Setting the Scene for Wedding Photography

Think about what goes with your dress, flowers and wedding theme. The photos featured on this page break all the rules- lots of action in the background, lots of color to take away from the bride- but strangely enough they work- and work well. The weather outside was absolutely horrendous. Torrential rain prevailed throughout the shoot- as well as throughout the entire wedding and post ceremony shoot afterwards.

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More Photography from this Melbourne Wedding

There are some more images from this Melbourne wedding, which was held at Whitechapel Receptions in Langwarrin. See them on the Whitechapel weddings page of this site. See what can be done with rainy weather- and be amazed at the tenacity of the bride and groom to stay enthusiastic in such wild weather. The weather was not a disadvantage- it made for beautiful light, as llousy weather does.