Whitechapel Wedding Photography

Whitechapel wedding photography– this gallery features images from wedding ceremonies and photography sessions celebrated at the chapel in Langwarrin. Lots of trees provide a beautiful open forest setting, and the painstakingly restored white chapel originally from Ouyen, in the Wimmera district of Victoria, makes a lovely wedding venue. The photos shown below, depict the venue in some of the worst weather imaginable- although the rain held off for the first wedding shown here, it absolutely bucketed down for the second wedding.
At one point during the photography, the rain came down so hard it distorted the umbrellas, and rendered them useless. This was no light spring shower!

A wedding certificate photo with bridal bouquet and rings at Whitechapel Whitechapel provides an intimate setting for the exchange of wedding vows A natural candid wedding photo showing the bride laughing and the groom in the background

We often take our group shot from the top of the chapel steps, however in this instance, the group was forming naturally on the steps- so rather than move the people out of the setting, we shot the picture from ground level, and jumped up in the air during the decisive moment of exposure, to get the higher angle from which the photo was taken. It was quite a jump!

The complete wedding group shot- a tradition at whitechapel weddings A candid photo of a bride and groom with pageboys at Whitechapel

Whitechapel weddings seem to encourage a lot of mingling- which is good, it provides for natural wedding photography, as shown here. The bride and groom had family and friends from overseas, so it was a great opportunity to spend time after the ceremony with the people who had traveled long distances to be there. Whitechapel is an easy venue to find- an important consideration when you are having guests who might be in the area for the first time. Located on a main road, with great signage, it’s only one turn off the Monash Freeway.

Candid wedding photography of a bride laughing after the ceremony at whitechapel langwarrin The bridal party at Whitechapel with Mercury wedding car in the background

The series of photos below, features images of wet weather weddings, for brides who might be wondering about ideal rainy day Melbourne venues. Wedding photography benefits from rainy weather, creating a lustre that no sunny day can match. Rainy day weddings will be a talking point for years ahead, the weather almost takes centre stage with the bridal couple when it’s like this.

A rainy day wedding photo of a bridal couple next to an old wagon at Whitechapel receptions, Melbourne Artistic Wedding Photography- showing a bridal car doing a burnout with newlyweds kissing. Old wheel spokes from a rustic wagon frame a bridal couple in this artistic photography composition

Whitechapel is a venue which has sandy soil. We mention this for two important reasons.

  1. You’re not wallowing in mud on the wedding day, slipping and sliding at the slightest hint of rain, as you would on some properties because of location, poor maintenance or both
  2. In one of the photos in the series above, beneath the wagon you will see water on the ground. This is testament to how heavily the rain was coming down during the shoot. If you look closely, you will also see water droplets hanging from the timber of the old wagon

Rainy weather is probably not the first thing you consider when selecting a venue- but isn’t it fantastic knowing that the venue is safe and versatile for you to enjoy in any season?

A rainy day wedding photo of a bridal couple next to an old wagon at Whitechapel receptions, Melbourne This wedding photography night shot, shows a bridal couple kissing on the gazebo at Whitechapel. A bridal couple kiss at twilight, in this nightshot at Whitechapel receptions.

Wedding photography with a little split toning and channel mixing is the reason for the coloring in the image above left. More wedding photos from Whitechapel- again we have deliberately chosen to feature images taken during torrential rain, by Melbourne wedding photographers. The twilight shots took advantage of umbrella cover, either held high out of shot, or removed just before the image was captured. Twilight is a wonderful time for photography. Everything is close by at Whitechapel receptions, and it’s great to take wedding photos at a venue where lights work, and the property is immaculate!

Melbourne Wedding Photographers photo of a wedding at Whitechapel receptions Wedding Photography showing a rustic, black and white photo of a bridal couple in a country setting at Whitechapel Receptions, Melbourne.

The wedding photography Melbourne team captured these images at Whitechapel Receptions in outer Melbourne. The photos show what can be done in absolute torrential rain- this wedding was held on a weekend which produced a hailstorm in Melbourne, and an absolute deluge at Whitechapel. The sandy soil of the venue meant that there was no mud- a very welcome thing for the bridal party, as they made their way around the easily accessible property to take advantage of the wedding photography opprtunities there.

Melbourne Wedding Photographers photo of a wedding at Whitechapel receptions Wedding Photography, Melbourne venue Whitechapel Receptions

Sometimes creative wedding photography depends on seeing things differently as a person, to the way the rest of the world does. In the picture shown at right, Melbourne wedding photographer Pete Lorocco used an unusual perspective framed by old rustic timber, to set the style for this unique wedding photography composition. The photo at left shows the bridal part taking a relaxed stroll down the driveway of the venue, before going in to their wedding reception, at Whitechapel.

Melbourne Wedding Photographers photo of the entire congregation at Whitechapel receptions Wedding Photography showing a rustic, black and white photo of a bridal couple in a country setting at Whitechapel Receptions, Melbourne.

When it absoutely pours with rain during a wedding, and the couple want a full group shot of everyone present, sometimes the only place to shoot is in the chapel. In this instance, the photo on the left was shot in the chapel, which is in two sections, at right angles to each other. Good lighting and a great lens, ensured this complete view of the entire group. If you look closely at the picture above right, you will see just how saturated the truck really was. Kudos to the bridal party, for getting up there, at the request of the bridal couple!

Wedding Photography showing a rustic photo using a wagon wheel as a frame within the compolsition. Wedding Photography with an old truck as the backdrop. Melbourne Wedding Photographer Pete Lorocco took this photo of a couple cutting their wedding cake

The three pictures above are from the same wedding at Whitechapel Receptions, using the spokes of the wagon wheel as a frame within the composition, another shot features the rustic old truck once more, and the final image at right shows the interior of the reception room, behind the couple doing a mock cake cutting photo.