Planning Tips for the Best Wedding Day

You’ve already spent months musing over ideas. Locations, Ceremony, Cars, the Dress, and more. Suddenly it’s time to sit down, put pen to paper, and crunch some real numbers. We’re not talking money here- we are referring to a resource even more precious and more limited than the cold hard stuff- time. It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, we all get just 60 minutes in every hour, and that’s not negotiable!

As you piece together the pieces of the jigsaw which will be used to make your perfect day, keep in mind that people will always be people, and everyone’s mate Murphy, with his law- will also be there on your wedding day.

You have a lot invested in your wedding day by the time it rolls around, so a little time spent crunching the logistic numbers early in the planning will pay absolutely huge dividends on the day. You’ll definitely be more relaxed, feel way less stressed, and the results will shine through in your wedding photos. Keep in mind that people always take longer to do things on a wedding day- and we’ve seen it repeat itself every week for more than two decades (approaching three actually)- like clockwork. The people aren’t any slower- we can’t lay the blame on them- it’s the interruptions that are more frequent- by an exponential amount!

Whatever time you have planned your wedding to start- (really, not the time on the invitations)- aim to get there 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Alighting from your transport isn’t like double parking and pouncing onto the atm in the shopping strip! By the time dad wipes his tears away, adjustments of the veil happen, and the bridesmaids all attend to whatever needs attending to, between 5 and 10 minutes passes. Then the guests who haven’t gathered in the ceremony area yet (chapel or garden) need to be ushered in- and this is before you even step out of the car!

Whatever time the celebrant or priest has given you for the duration of the service, a very conservative add-on is 15 minutes, as none of the officiators take into account that four people- you, hubby and witnesses- need to sign three documents each, all in the correct spot. With the moving of signatories and seats,  plus some photography, there’s another 10 to 15 minutes that wasn’t planned for in the original template. Look after these few aspects of timing, and you’ll be logistically ahead of most of the brides we shoot weddings for. You will shine in your photos, and have the time of your life on the day, no problems, no surprises- 

Just awesome photos- and a relaxed smile as you enter your reception.

Melbourne Wedding Photographers hope these tips help you make the most of your wedding day.