Swallowfield Winery, Forest’s Edge Location

Melbourne wedding, Swallowfield Gembrook

Here’s an interesting wedding photo with an equally unique story behind it. Shot at the entrance to Swallowfield winery- the “secret” photography venue used by many Forest Edge Restaurant wedding couples- this wedding photo was taken in the same spot where the couple met!

Everything worked out for them after that first meeting- it was, as the fairytale goes, love at first sight!

We did the bride’s hair and makeup, and got her to the wedding on time. Unperturbed by the weather, the roadworks and the general frenzy surrounding most weddings, this lovely Melbourne bride took it all in her stride.
Blue suede shoes might have been made famous in the song by Elvis- but this lovely bride strutted her stuff in a pair of hot pink heels.
The newlyweds are shown here with a hot Mustang from the 1970s.

There was rain- and then some. We almost expected to be rowing a boat down the dirt driveway which quickly turns to mud after rain- but we were spared.


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