We’ve recently added some images to the gallery of Forest Edge Weddings which also feature shots taken in and around the Gembrook home of Puffing Billy Railway.

Puffing Billy has a range of settings and props which work well for wedding photos. These provide a rustic setting, old sheds, railway sleepers and station exteriors bring a touch of old-worlde charm to the photography.

You’ll notice that the wedding portrait of the bridal couple with the HQ Holden Monaro has been converted to black and white and partly restored to colour. This image was made outside the old water tank within the station car park, and a wedding reception at Forest Edge restaurant in Gembrook followed the photography session.

It helps immensely, if you think about the style of your photos when you select your wedding transport. The car and setting work well here, even though the car is more recent than the look of the station, it seems to fit into the location well. The partial colour conversion works, to bring the elements together.

An equally appealing harmony comes from the old Buick “Straight 8” sedan pictured against the backdrop of mauve lavender and dark grey sky, outside Forest Edge.

See images from this shoot on the Forest Edge Weddings gallery page of our web site.


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