Free Extras for 2014 and 2015 Weddings

Bridal couple Melbourne

We’ve just designed some awesome wedding photography inclusions, and configured what would have to me the most perfect wedding photography package available in Melbourne today.

The package is one of two amazing offers and includes everything you could possibly need.

The trend of the last few years has been for wedding photography and photos on USB and the sad truth is that most couples do nothing with their pictures once the rush of the wedding settles down.
Then all it takes is a computer or hard drive failure, and even the techie people come back to us years later asking if we have their wedding photos backed up.

Wedding photos are meant to be enjoyed, displayed, hung on walls, and kept in beautiful albums.
Believe it or not, there’s still something special about picking up an album and looking through it with someone.
If you can’t appreciate this concept now, the images become extra special as time passes. Rather than relying on your iDevice to bring up those gorgeous shots, something real, like a wedding album or wall hanging will make it easy to relive the memory of your wedding day.

We know that one day you’ll most likely get an album made, whether through us, someone else, or perhaps you’ll design your own wedding album and do your own bookbinding.
Often the one thing that stands out in a non-professional album is the lack of artwork. Photo kiosk designs and online wedding album services tend to produce images in rows, with no airbrush style artwork, or creative image combining. To ensure you have something much better when you’re ready to print your wedding photos, we have included free image artwork in high resolution with all our wedding photography packages for 2014 and 2015.
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