Here’s something you don’t often see. If you think your eyes are playing tricks on you, and you’re having trouble focusing on the bride’s dress, then you’re definitely not alone.

The wedding photo shown here was taken at the wedding reception, before the wedding had begun- in fact it was taken before either of the soon-to-be-weds were even ready. The bride engaged us to do her hair and makeup, and the groom hadn’t left the house yet when we arrived. With the wedding cake sitting there on a table, begging to be photographed, we thought we’d get the bride and groom to do a super-casual cake cutting photo.

You might be wondering about the groom seeing the bride before the ceremony, on the day…

Casual Photo of Cutting the Wedding Cake

I have been a professional photographer for over thirty years, and when I started, one couple in a hundred would have wedding photos done together before the wedding. Now it’s about one in twenty- so it’s become more of an accepted thing. Especially as people live together before the wedding day and often have children before they are married- it seems to make a lot of sense logistically.

I should add that this couple are having their photography after the wedding ceremony, and the picture shown here is just a random shot, an opportunistic snapshot taken in fun, on a pocket camera. We’ll upload some of the wedding photos, of the wedding which hasn’t happened yet- over the next week or so, when we have caught up with things which need doing before Christmas deadlines.

Stay Tuned!