Tips for Brides Having Wedding Photography

Enjoying Your Wedding Photography- Tips for Brides

wedding photographer melbourne image of a brideWedding photography is squarely focused on the bride prior to the ceremony- so if you are the bride, you might like to read our wedding photography tips for brides article.

Your wedding photos are for ever. Look and feel your best on this important day. Revel in the experience, and get those gorgeous wedding photos you have thought about for so long!

Have some ideas of favourite settings or locations you would like to use for your wedding photography session. Be mindful of Melbourne weather- and the unpredictability of our climate! Ensure that you plan for the inevitable delays and disruptions- allowing more time than you think is necessary will ensure that you have a fuss-free photo shoot.

Simple, stain proof snacks- like dry chips, cracker biscuits and nuts are great energy boosters, and if spilled do not leave stains or unsightly marks on dresses or suits. Plain water is a great thirst quencher, and if spilled will just dry quickly without staining. Your flowers might appreciate the splash!

Wedding Photographers get the best photos from happy bridal parties, so by keeping up the treats with some quality snacks, drinks and nibblies, you can be assured that those magic moments and winning smiles will last longer on the day, giving you beautiful wedding photography you will cherish in the years ahead.

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