Planning Tips for the Best Wedding Day

Wedding Photography Timing for Your Day

melbourne wedding photography of a bride with autumn color in the leavesThe wedding season is quickly approaching- and we thought we'd present two new items of interest this month. The first is our Whitechapel Receptions wedding photography gallery, featuring wedding photography from local reception venue Whitechapel, at the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula.

The second item we'd like to offer, is a look at some planning ideas for the best wedding photography for your wedding. To ensure you leave no stone unturned in your quest to plan the perfect day, we might mention here that on the wedding day, things take twice as long, and clocks move twice as fast- so allow much more time than you think you will need, and you should do just fine!

Sometimes it can be easy to overlook the obvious in the planning, where everybody has input on the little details. It's normal for people to do a "trial run" drive from home to the venue of the wedding ceremony, but seasonal influences like sporting fixtures or community events can have a dramatic impact on your travel time on the day. Best to get there a little early, and your wedding car chaffeur does an extra loop around the block, than risk running it all late at the last minute.

Long before you even get in the car, ensure your bridal hair stylist and wedding makeup artist prepare the bride first. Not second last or last- this leaves the bride too vulnerable to the snowball effect of compounded interruptions and delays. These situations inevitably create a loss of photo opportunity. For best results, book our service which includes bridal hair and makeup, as well as wedding photography, for Melbourne brides.

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