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The bride and groom disappeared- unnoticed- from their Montsalvat Great Hall Wedding Reception, and had some nightshots taken around the eastern end of the property.

These newlyweds didn't have a bridal party- several close friends shared readings- and stories- during the ceremony and exercised great restraint in delivering anecdotes about the bridal couple. There was potential for jaws to drop, but delightful, articulate and well restrained presenters ensured only eyebrows were raised.

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Are you considering Montsalvat as your wedding venue?

Read on for a Montsalvat wedding review- and to find out what we thought after shooting many weddings at Montsalvat. Decide whether or not it's the right wedding venue for you!

Montsalvat is the kind of place that is artistic- so it helps a lot if you value and appreciate art in your wedding photography.

Guests are served canapes in the long gallery, and the upper gallery beats any little wedding chapel as a wedding venue. The light is nothing short of spectacular- it's as if a wedding photographer designed it all from start to finish to provide the best possible working conditions!

And what a pleasure it is to not be hurried by waiters, chefs or managers- we came into the reception room under our own steam, the food was served and everything went superbly.

If it is your intention to consider a wedding at Montsalvat, we offer the following advice:

Take a walk around the venu, ideally in the same season as your wedding is planned for. The micro diversities within this spectacular wedding photography location, means that even a space of just a few weeks will make a big difference to the grounds. Favourite spots will look different- wedding photography certainly captures a venue as it is- if the trees are bare, we cannot put the leaves back on!

Not every venue runs this well.

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