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Wedding Photography Melbourne- Bridal Car Burnout

Bridal car burnouts are not something you should try just anywhere- this pic of the burnout shown here was done on private property with just the people in the photo and the photographer present. All the guests were in the reception venue, out of the pouring rain. They were totally oblivious to what went on.

There is lots of scope for images like this, given the right combination of car, conditions, driver and photographer.

This is no ordinary burnout- when shooting pix like this, the wheelspin of the bridal car must be controlled carefully otherwise you'll only be shooting a cloud. The smoke is also cross-lit and backlit, to give it the luminescent quality which wsimply was not present on the wedding day.

This wedding photography is from one of the most horrendous rainstorms I have ever been in- and that's no light hearted comment coming from someone who makes a hobby of shooting stormy alpine landscapes in wilderness areas.

The bride and groom were keen- most of the time that's all you need, if you have everything else in place. So we went for it, boots and all. The bride wore boots during the shoot- conventional shoes were out of the question!

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