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Wedding Photography at the Abbotsford Convent Melbourne

If you are considering having wedding photography at the Convent, be sure to obtain a permit, and initiate this process in advance. It can take quite some time for the wheels to turn, and procure a permit. 

Take a walk through the grounds close to the day of your wedding, and check out how everything looks at that time of year, so you see the venue with the same seasonal characteristics which will prevail on your wedding day. We did this with the couple here, we met 48 hours prior to the cermeony and defined the places we would use for photography on the wedding day, which helped things flow smoothly. Time was a little tight- I thought there wouldn't be ANY time at all- but this bride's excellent planning skills paved the way for a very smooth flowing wedding day. Without doubt, she must have studied our wedding photography timing and planning article, because it all flowed too smoothly to be true! We didn't get to the reception on time- we got there early. Kudos to the newlyweds.

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