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Melbourne Wedding Photographer- Garden Weddings at Chateau Wyuna

Wedding Photography throughout the massive property takes in all the hilights, and it doesn't matter what the season, the venue is a delight for wedding photographers all year round.

Wedding photography at Chateau Wyuna gravitates around the popular locations- the bridge over the creek is a favourite, with weeping willow boughs framing the couple.

We've been Chateau Wyuna wedding photographers since the days when Mrs Kamphausen had the property, and it's quite remarkable to have seen the subtle changes over the years- and to note that these changes have not taken away the character of the venue! It's easier on wedding photographers than it was in days gone by- some of the foliage blocking the light in the garden has been removed. The features have become more wedding-photographer-friendly, as well as more bride-friendly.

Chateau Wyuna changes with the seasons- each season brings a uniqueness which provides wedding photographers with variety. This means that brides should ideally be previewing images of weddings at Chateau Wyuna, taken in the same season as their own wedding is planned for.

If you like nightshots, then the venue is great. Chateau Wyuna also comes alive in wet weather. It might be true that rainy day wedding photography is the last thing someone planning a wedding wold be thinking about- but it's comforting to know that the venue has it all sorted for you. Paths, walkways, and under cover areas all provide attractive wedding photography opportunity for Melbourne photographers.

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