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Wedding Photography at Melbourne's Forest Edge, Gembrook

The photo shown here was taken at the smaller of the two lakes available to Forest Edge wedding couples, for use as wedding photography settings.

This was a warm still afternoon, with rain that hung from the clouds, made never let go to fall to the ground.

The bride and groom in the photo are both keen outdoors people, so I doubt the weather would have made any difference to their plans for the day!

Forest Edge weddings have this and other beautiful locations for their wedding photography- and all exclusively private. There is no time rush, unlike almost evry other venue in Melbourne. Wedding photographers are constantly being asked to compromise photography time, if the bridal couple run late- the venues seem to have no ability to deal with delay. Things are different with this little gem from Gembrook- Forest Edge chef Tyson doesn't start preparing the meal until the bride and groom have arived at the restaurant after the post-wedding photography shoot.

This is the way they all should do it!

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