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Funky thongs really made mobility easy- up hill, down dale, across the sand and through the shallows- it simply would not have been possible without them.

Items to consider for your beach wedding photography survival kit are:

  • Comfy footwear- thongs, sandals or similar
  • Bug repellant- they love water!
  • A towel with which to dry off back at the car
  • Drinks- non alcoholic- to keep you hydrated
  • Snacks- you'll feel hungry after the excitement of the ceremony

Limo drivers often provide some refreshments- but don't count on it. Always check- and ensure what they provide is stainless- no dips, nothing that dribbles or drips! Bottled water is the safest, a bright orange soft-drink stain is not a good look in your photos.

If you book your wedding photography with us, we will know the beach where your photo shoot will take place, and know it well. This will give you the gretest variety in your photos, as you will be able to take advantage of the biggest number of wedding photography backdrops, in the time available.

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