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Candid Spring Wedding Photography

Our Specials represent outstanding value for wedding photography in Melbourne. You can book with only $100 deposit, and the only other money we ask for just prior to the day is towards your photography coverage. We don't take a deposit on an album until it was been completed- then you come in and collect it, and pay for it when you are happy. See our current wedding photography specials.

We've uploaded some new galleries to the ite recently; you can check them out in the Melbourne wedding photography gallery listing. There are lots of different locations featured, we have been busy in the past few weeks shooting and preparing wedding photography for displa on the web.

We should also take a moment out to thank people for writing in with requests for topics for us to cover in future articles in the best Wedding Photographer Melbourne Blog. We are preparing a list of topics ranked according to how many requets have been received, keep checking back regularly to see if your requested article has been published.

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