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A Different View of Cutting the Wedding Cake

This wedding cake photo is unusual in that the viewpoint for such a shot is normally at eye level! I thought it best to give the guests a free run at the photo instead of them having to work around the photographer...

Butleigh Wootton has lots of architectural features which make it very attractive for photography in any type of weather. It's a venue with ots to offer, and with our vast collection of lenses and light modifiers, the venue lends itself beautifully to this style of photography.

The wedding ceremony of the couple pictured here was held at nearby Holy Trinity Kew, and a very brief shoot took place at The Convent in Abbotsford.

A pre weddingportrait of bride and bridesmaids at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Kew.Wedding Photography at Holy Trinity Anglican Church Kew.A group photo of all guests at Melbourne's Holy Trinity Church, Kew.

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