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Wedding Photography Cranbourne Settlement Hotel

There are some great wedding photography locations around Cranbourne, from the small area of natural forest within the bushland park, to botanical gardens, as well as coffee shops and cafes along the main street, providing variety for wedding photographers.

The Settlement Hotel is very wedding photographer friendly- easy access to popular shooting areas makes setting up and packing up quick and easy- and everything is a short distance away from anywhere else on the property, this means that the bride has an easy time accessing the different settings for photography.

Wedding photo taken at the Settlement Hotel Cranbourne, showing a bride and flower girl.Cranbourne Wedding Photography- at the Settlement Hotel.Cranbourne Wedding Photographer image of a Bride and Pageboy

The pictures in the accompanying gallery show settings within the accommodation foyer and one of the rooms, as well as the balcony on the upper level.

Sepia toned wedding photo from the Settlement Hotel Cranbourne.A wedding photographer Cranbourne image, showing the hallway of the Settlement Hotel, and a bridal party.A wedding photo of a bride on the balcony at the Settlement Hotel Cranbourne.

The Settlement hotel affords a range of photo opportunities for wedding photography. From the balcony on the top floor- to the lovely grand hallway- there are lots of unique, heritage-style settings for wedding photographers to use as backdrops in their images.

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