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We asked Stacey to pass on some words to future brides, so that they might pick up some inside tips from a busy Melbourne bride who still managed to not be late for her wedding.

Stacey says: "Be on time- get up with a plan- not too detailed- and don't have too long a chain holding it all together- more links in the chain means there is more that can break. Make your mission clear in your mind- be focused, and don't get distracted!"

It makes the world of difference to your wedding photography time on the day. The entire event flows much more smoothly, you will enjoy everything more, and see many of the little things you would otherwise miss. If you would like any guidance with times, or coordinating the logistics of the day, do give us a call, or come and see us at the Chateau Wyuna bridal expo this Sunday, 15th May 2011, and take advantage of our wonderful show specials!

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