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Remember that getting the maximum experience from your wedding photography time means being there, and being ready too! Wedding photography without a bride just doesn't work- and it's not a joke when we say that brides have done some crazy things in the past, to jeopardise photography after the ceremony.

One bride had arranged to meet her partner prior to the ceremony to have their album wedding photos done together, so that they could both move into the reception right after the wedding had concluded. This was great in theory, except that the makeup artist she'd booked was in a trance all morning, and didn't understand the importance of having the bride ready on time.

One other instance of a great wedding photography blunder happened when a bride's mum came up to us to ask the bride about some seating concern within the reception. The bride walked away from the wedding photography shoot, to check each and every one of the 300 seats at the reception, to see that they had been allocated correctly- on the table plan as well as the place cards. There is only so much a wedding photographer can do- take away the bride, and you can't do much wedding photography at all!

We also have a comprehensive article on setting out the number of photo stops you should plan for on the day. See the melbourne wedding photography location planning article, for more information.

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