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Have you been looking for wedding photography with photos in high resolution on usb or disk? If so, then our packages are for you. The digital negatives- the original camera raw files are available to you, without extra charge. These super high resolution digital negatives can be loaded to your portable hard drive or USB stick.

Wedding photography digital negatives provide the optimal image bit depth and resolution for enlarging to any size- and they'll reduce down to awesome little photos for use on your Facebook page too! If you're a bit new to this terminology, and need to know a little more- we recommend a thorough read of our article onthe best resolution and quality settings for wedding photography.

For an informative overview of the different styles of wedding photo albums have a look at our prices for melbourne wedding photography packages page. The page shows a number of examples of different album layouts, including traditional bevel cut, as well as digital storybook albums.

See how the main differences between these two styles of albums create a different presentation. Each is distinctly different from the other and one will suit your wedding and tastes better.

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