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Potters Warrandyte Wedding with Trucks

The bride arriving at a wedding doesn't always cause the ground to rumble- but in this case, the trucks at this Potters Reception wedding did just that. The bride arrived in her own monster Kenworth truck, which is the one shown here. A massive white ribbon adorned the front of this huge vehicle, letting the world know that it was headed for a wedding.

Wedding photography with trucks needs room- space for the trucks, space for the camera and enough room to get back without having to resort to wide angle lenses, which would create unwanted perspective distortion. There was lots of room in the car park of Potters Receptions- and just as well. Not one or two trucks were used- but three monsters took over, and skilled drivers lined the trucks up in n angle formation as thought they were driving tiny cars.

To see a larger selection of this Potters Reception wedding follow the link, where you will find night wedding photos at Potters, photography showing the wedding couple by the waterfalls, taken from different angles to those used by everyone else, and some photos at the bridal table and bar within the Potters wedding reception room.

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