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Wedding in Mooroolbark

Candid Wedding Photo

This wedding was held in the Melbourne suburb of Mooroolbark, on a massive, impeccably presented property, owned by the bride's parents. Having a wedding at home has its advantages- especially when the property offers so much scope for wedding photography, like this one does!
From the old "red rattler" train carriage, to the delightful little bridge over the dam- there were a multitude of photo spots.

If you're wondering about wearing a veil, we've said this many times:
Veils make fantastic photos!
Bring on the wind! Short of a tornado or gale force wind, some movement in the air can really throw some unexpected, welcome opportunity to the wedding photographer.

For more images of veils a blowing in the breeze, head to the treacy centre weddings page which has some example photos of veils going crazy in the wind.

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