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Speaking of windows- and wedding photography... there's a window of about 60 minutes for autumn and winter weddings in Melbourne to take advantage of the receding natural light. This can be used to advantage by the wedding photographer. The outdoor ambient light and indoor artificial light can be balanced off against each other, to create and amazing array of colours. Having a lovely bridal car in a beautiful setting like this venue, or being outside in spectacular natural light, will make for stunning photography every time, whether it's sunny, cloudy or raining heavily.

On this exceptional Autumn day- the couple shown here had their wedding photography on a nearby property, managed by Forest Edge.

Autumn weddings and winter weddings in Melbourne's Yarra Valley often yield stable weather in the afternoon, with mist settling into the picturesque Yarra Valley.

If you're considering a winter wedding in Melbourne and you have concerns about the weather- know that the atmosphere for photography is more aesthetically appealing when conditions aren't bright and sunny

Take a look throughout the wedding photography galleries, we have provided a collection of wedding photos from all seasons and locations to help you decide.

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