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There are decisions to be made when shooting in a place like this. Light changes dramatically and very quickly. Wedding photography spots rise and fall in their merit, on the back of a ray of light. Wedding photographers need to move quickly and with knowledge of the venue and surroundings to create the opportunities for the best photos.

If you are considering your wedding photography locations- if you are one of the visitors to this website lucky enough to not be concerned with a schedule that has already been set in stone- we urge you to make every effort to ensure that you have allowed enough time for wedding photography. Read about time for photography, and how much to allow on our best wedding photography time allocation tips page for more information.

Ideally, 90 minutes in a location like the one we have shown here, is ideal. This enabled you to savour it- to enjoy the moment. You will find that the wedding day was a constant "pace setter", and that you will have spent very little time alone together. Some relaxed time during your wedding photography session could be the answer- allowing you both to reflect on how the day has progressed thus far, away from the guests and bridal party.

When trekking around a beautiful landscape such as the one shown here, a number of things will transform your life to "easy" in this kind of environment.

  • Comfortable footwear, which can be worn during the shoot
  • Four wheel drive vehicles to get you to these places
  • A great group of friends in your bridal party

The bridal party, to their credit, thought in advance to pack comfy shoes for the photo session. Forest Edge Restaurant provided the four-wheel-drive vehicles to get the bridal party deep into the heart of this glorious property, and the bridal party was one of those special groups of people who were out to make the newlyweds' life as easy as possible. It is always a pleasure to work with people like this.

Of course, we don't live in the land of eternal sunshine.

Smart wedding planning means you need a backup wet weather location, and a good venue is a start. If you are having your wedding away from your reception venue, then consider where you can have wedding photography in the even of rain. You will need to preview your wedding photo location just prior to the day, as most couples book their wedding with a 4-12 month lead, and photography spots can change a lot in this time, so you need to have that last minute check!

Or you can simply book a great venue which offers it all- no matter what the weather!

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