Melbourne CBD- artistic wedding photography around city buildings
Melbourne CBD Weddings
The CBD of Melbourne City offers stunning settings
melbourne garden wedding at fitzroy gardens
Garden Wedding Photos
Melbourne is the Garden City, perfect for weddings
wedding chapels make attractive night photography settings
Wedding Chapel Melbourne
Wedding chapels provide wet weather backup
bridal couple on melbourne beach foreshore
Beach Weddings in Melbourne
Gallery of beach weddings in Summer.
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The Melbourne Wedding Registry Office in the Old Treasury Building, Spring Street has a quaint, elegant interior steeped in history. See below for details of our value-packed wedding photography package, only available for weekday weddings at the Melbourne Wedding Registry. It includes all the photography, as well as optimising of your image files onto USB stick, this will be done on the day of the wedding, so you take your photos home with you right away!

bridal couple outside the Melbourne wedding registry office on the steps of the old treasury building Spring Street Melbourne

A special offer of wedding ceremony photography, plus one hour of location photography afterwards, is available for just $390, all inclusive!

This Melbourne Registry Office Wedding Photography offer is available for weddings held on any day between Monday and Friday inclusive.
It is not available on weekends, and it does not include a wedding storyboard, as shown on our wedding photography packages page.
If you're searching for cheap wedding photography for the Melbourne Registry Office wedding you might be planning, this offer is the one!

Many wedding photography opportunities exist in close proximity to this iconic Melbourne city address. Wedding photographers use the lane ways off Little Collins Street, and make their way to the wedding reception venue of choice, taking pictures on the way.

wedding photography showing newlyweds in lane, melbourne cbd wedding couple outside melbourne town hall

People who like this style of architecture and setting, can enjoy a wedding ceremony in a room of their choice. One chapel-sized room has an aisle, pews and a stately old desk for signing the marriage register, at the conclusion of the 11 minute wedding ceremony. A smaller intimate room provides a setting for overseas people flying in to Melbourne to get married, or those who only have a few witnesses to their wedding ceremony.

romantic wedding photography melbourne photo of complete melbourne wedding congregation, parliament house steps

If you're considering wedding photography in Melbourne hotels, check out this gallery. It features stunning photos in a charming hotel within the city precinct.Without doubt it could be the best hotel for wedding photography in Melbourne city. Be sure to geek permission well in advance, and make arrangements for your wedding transport to park, for a fuss-free experience.

Horse and Carriage Bride

bride in horse drawn coach arrives at old treasury buillding

Melbourne CBD Photo

wedding photography in melbourne laneway

Wedding photography throughout Melbourne provides lots of variety for those behind- and in front of the lens. There is something around every corner- and down every alley.

Wedding registry office brides have evrything available in a compact place- no need for a wedding limousine. Wear- or change into- a comfortable pair of shoes, and you're set to go. Most of the wedding photography takes place within 600 meters of the Old Treasury Building in Spring Street Melbourne- many delightful places are just around the corner.

Chapter House Wedding

melbourne bride at chapter house iron gates

Street Art Melbourne

wedding photography with modern art melbourne registry office

The streets of Melbourne CBD have lots of sculptures and art which makes for interesting stylig in wedding photography. They have intersting and unique dynamics- the shpaes are as varied as the pieces themselves. Different lighting conditions make these sculptures come alive- and at night they take on a change of character.

If you're considering wedding photography with some of these street sculptures featuring in your photos, select only a couple to work with- don't aim to use every single one in Melbourne. Consider which will work with your wedding dress colour.