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melbourne wedding photography at winery locationWineries offer Melbourne wedding photographers much more than rows of vines to use as photo settings. In this example photo, a bride and groom enjoy an impromptu rehearsal for their bridal waltz in front of a rustic timber setting, of the cellar door.

This photo is from an Elmswood Winery wedding, in the Yarra Valley of Melbourne. We have a gallery of Elmswood Winery wedding photos to help you see more of the photography potential of this and other winery wedding venues.

People often wonder whether or not the nets over the grape vines take away from the beauty and appeal of the image. Melbourne wedding photographers are pleased to say that vine nets lend a beautiful, ethereal look to the background of wedding photos. If you are more than twelve months away from your wedding date, try to visit your wedding photography locations close to the same weekend (a year in advance) that your wedding will be held on. This will give you a realistic idea of the way the venue will look with seasonal influences, at the time of your wedding.

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