Wedding at Sirens Restaurant Williamstown Foreshore

Srens Restaurant, on the foreshore at Williamstown, was the setting for this wedding ceremony as well as the photo shoot which followed. The restaurant is unusual- a bit retro, a little quirky- and suits people who could have just as easily had their wedding on a boat. No risk here of a bride overboard- the Sirens deck is fully enclosed with safety rails, which also act as a seperator between the beach and the venue.

collage of sirens williamstown wedding photography collage of bride from Sirens restaurant
bride and boys before wedding bride's family photo, artsy composition

If you're looking for a review of Sirens Restaurant and Bar Williamstown, we can offer you the following information to help you decide whether or not this venue is for you.

Sirens restaurant is a unique venue in that the water comes within stone's throw of the rear deck of the venue. The uniqueness of being able to walk directly onto the beach sand from the rear deck of Sirens Restaurant and Bar, gives a real holiday flavour to this delightful art deco funtion venue. From a photographer's perspective, there is lots to shoot, with many small nooks throughout the distinctively styled interior, providing abundant photo opportunity.

bride and bridesmaid before williamstown wedding at Sirens bridal couple together before wedding
exchanging vows on Sirens beachside deck wedding photography from high angle
newlyweds kiss after being announced married at Sirens sirens wedding party at register
newlyweds sign wedding records at Sirens Williamstown full wedding group photo sirens wiliamstown deck
bridal portrait lit by window light, Sirens Williamstown relaxed photo of groom at Sirens bar
newlyweds, Sirens Williamstown bar wedding portrait of bride in front of Sirens restaurant
interior image sirens restaurant, showing bridal couple Sunset at the beach behind Sirens Restaurant
dramatic sky with cirrus clouds, williamstown beach afternoon sunlight bathes wedding photo in golden light

Two Beach Couples

twin seagulls fly high above newlyweds, williamstown beach

These seagulls made an interesting composition as they flew overhead during this wedding photography session on Williamstown Beach.

Williamstown Wedding

newlyweds on williamstown beach

Sirens wedding venue is right on Williamstown beach foreshore, which mean it's possible to step onto the sand to take advantage of local light.

Bridal Photography, Stairs

artistic portrait of bride on stairs

Bridal portrait taken on stairs at Williamstown, before the ceremony commenced. Stairs make fantastic wedding phtoography settings.

Sirens Venue Bride

bride seated in sirens wedding venue, williamstown.

The interior of Sirens Restaurant provides a fantastic mix of afternoon window light and ambient tungsten lighting from the venue.