Photography in Melbourne Heritage Listed Hotels

Wedding photography in Melbourne's extraordinary hotels is something any bride would cherish.

Absolutely overflowing- with old rustic charm on tap, some of the grand old watering holes of yesteryear have been converted into residential apartments, and retain all their former glory. This lucky bride was in the right place at the right time- and ready on time as well. We were able to make use of the few minutes we had to quickly capture some pre wedding-ceremony bridal portraits.

Wedding Photography in an old Melbourne hotel A bride on the stairs in an old Melbourne pub Wedding photography Melbourne bar- bride on stairs.

In a wedding photography shoot such as this one, time is a luxury you sometimes have to live without. This entire shoot was completed in seven minutes, the amount of people and furniture we needed to move, to have everything looking right was huge.

Professional removalists would not have done it quicker!

Wedding photography often makes use of design and symmetry- and those that preach "natural wedding photography" don't produce work with this level of attention to detail in the design.

Archway Wedding Photography Melbourne A bride grand staircase of an old hotel in Melbourne Wedding photography Melbourne bride framed in archway

Wedding photography of Melbourne settings like the ones shown here, demands precision in composition and there is no room for error. Symmetrical compositions must be exactly that- symmetrical!

If you can scout photography locations like these around Melbourne well before your wedding day, and have a backup plan in case of unexpected disruption, you will be a happy customer!

Follow the link to more photos- featuring Melbourne wedding photography locations, showcasing popular spots around the central business district. These are favoured by Melbourne's best wedding photographers. Remember to check our wedding photography gallery index of real Melbourne weddings.

Lady luck and wedding photgraphy are a great combination, but it's always better to roll a loaded dice. Increase the chance of having the odds in your favour with your Melbourne wedding photographer session. Cheat with time- ensure thatyou have enough- and then some!

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Edgy Wedding Photography

Alternative Wedding Photographer Melbourne Image in a dark alley

Are you looking for something edgy and imaginative in your wedding photos? Artistic, comment-worthy images you can hang in your own gallery or on your bedroom wall? We have the imagination, skills and expertise to bring you results like you see here.

This image was made with the assistance of our solar powered smoke machine, and it was a bonus having our studio hairstylist and makeup artist along for the entire shoot. The makeup and hair service throughout the entire shoot is standard for brides who book our wedding makeup and hair stylist seperately.

Enquire today! We can give you stunning images you will cherish forever. It is important that you speak with us early in the planning process.