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The CBD of Melbourne City offers stunning settings
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Garden Wedding Photos
Melbourne is the Garden City, perfect for weddings
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Wedding Chapel Melbourne
Wedding chapels provide wet weather backup
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Beach Weddings in Melbourne
Gallery of beach weddings in Summer.
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They say it happens to all photographers at least once. You get to hear the sound of your beloved camera hitting the ground. Well it was my turn at a recent wedding- after finishing one location, we were moving to the next, along a city footpath in Melbourne. First the tripod i was carrying, flet incredibly light. Then I saw it out of the corner of my eye- the Nikon DSLR heading towards the ground. I put my boot out to cushion the fall, and heard the unmistakeable sound of machine hitting concrete. As I picked the rig up, and looked over it, I couldn't see ANY damage- not a dint, or scratch anywhere. Lens focus and zoom was smooth, on the Nikon 14mm-24mm f2.8, and a test shot taken and checked on the laptop revealed edge to edge sharpness, no fringing, no chromatic abberation, and perfect alignment. I tested another lens on the same body, and the results were perfect. The backup system was ready- but remained packed up.

The damage?

The ONLY damage was a hairline crack to my speedlight commander base- and the mounting pin had locked and wouldn't let go of the camera.

"Just as well it wasn't a Canon" I thought, I wouldn't have had a brush and shovel with which to sweep up the bits! Maybe it would have all been dust and just blown away in the breeze. The remaining shots from the day were perfect in every way.

Happy Shooting.

Spring is a great time of year for wedding photographers. Melbourne parks and gardens, as well as the popular photography locations in the nearby Dandenongs come alive after laying dormant through winter. It is important to preview any locations you might be considering for photos in the same season as your wedding, and ideally at the same time of day that you will be shooting. The play of light will give a totally different effect in the morning to when compared to the afternoon, and shadows in the wrong places can be quite unforgiving. Light modifiers can be used in correcting light on the couple being photographed- but when the whole vista is poorly lit, it just looks wrong.

Worse still, is trying to cram too many photo locations into too small a time frame. The careful selection of location is important- as the places you choose will reflect throughout your wedding photos and album. We have published an article relating to selecting wedding photography locations and how much time to allocate, you can find it under the "Resources" tab in the menu bar of our Melbourne Wedding Photographer website. There are some useful insights there which explain how time just slips away on the day, and the article shows what you can do to avoid this happening to you.

Wedding photographers- if they are worth their salt- should demonstrate a vision, a style which makes them unique. That's the primary reason why you commission a photographer to take photos. You hire a photographer for wedding photography in order to get images that are different to what the average snapper would come up with, and not take all day to do it. Take a look at our current front page article, you can see it on the melbourne wedding photographers website. It features a cake cutting photo with a difference- no doubt many before us have worked at the same venue. Sometimes, thinking outside the square, and shooting out of the conventional constraints are all that's needed to produce something that has the hallmark of being a photo that is different from the rest- wedding photography that is unique.

Wedding Photography Location Scouting - Tips to Help You!

Wedding Photography immortalizes your wedding day forever. Some of the visual embellishment to the photos comes from the locations you choose for photography. Often our clients provide us with a starting point for places they would like to be photographed in, and ask for our input. It might be difficult to imagine your best wedding photography locations when visiting out of season- but to avoid disappointment, these tips will help.

See your wedding photography location in the same season as you will be getting married in if possible. Foliage, climate and ambience change markedly with the seasons; know what will greet you as you step up for photos on the day.

Consider access to the site- for your people as well as transport- particularly for a  stretch wedding limousine, with regard to turning circle and ground clearance.

How much scope for variation is there- would you be better off somewhere else that has a diverse range of settings, instead of having to visit many photography locations which offer only one "look" each?

Imagine your wedding attire photographed in that setting- does it make visual sense to shoot there? This would be particularly important in the event of a themed wedding or if you are having bridesmaids' dresses which are a strong primary color or soft pastel shade.

Observing these suggestions will give you better wedding photography- and every time you look at your album, the extra time in planning and location previewing will shine through your photos. If you need any suggestions for locations, contact Melbourne wedding photographers using our handy contact form.

Wedding Photographers are guilty of accumulating too much gear. That's just part of being a photographer- and with quality equipment playing such a vital role in our work, it's important that we have the right tools for the job. A minimum collection of kit, to take on every wedding, should have your primary camera, lens, flash and tripod duplicated, to keep you going in the event of one piece failing. Don't weight your self down unnecessarily with lenses either- take less lenses, but ensure they are the best lenses. Ideal lens choices for wedding photography should revolve around professional quality zooms, with useful focal lengths, not super-telephotos which might get used once in three weddings.

Useful focal lengths for professional wedding photographers using full size sensor (fx) cameras are pro zooms which include the 50 mm focal length, as well as a wide angle and short telephoto setting. Creative style evolves over time, and you will find that your own preferences beyond the standard "must-have" equipment will emerge. Remember this brief discussion is about the absolute minimum you need to get the job done.

All things being equal, wedding photographers upgrade camera bodies more often than they replace lenses. You might hesitate to duplicate your lenses for backup. If this is the case, keep some fast professional prime lenses as backup if you use zooms, and vice versa if you are a prime lens shooter.

Your mind's eye, vision, as well as technical and artistic expertise will produce far more pleasing results than would a bag of lenses and no idea of how to do the job. Remember batteries, memory, and see that you have a comfortable strap for your camera- a neoprene camera strap will provide cushioning for your neck, as the four kilo monster hangs from it.

Which Wedding Cars Make the Best Photography Props?

As Wedding Photographers, we often get this question. Soon-to-be brides ask us to recommend a particular type of wedding car, from a photography perspective.

Let's start with what not to get.

Unless you're doing it for effect, don't choose a car which contradicts the rest of the styling and thematic of your wedding. If you are coordinating wedding car colour with bridesmaids' dress colour, then go for an exact match- if the colour is a little bit off, it will look way off to the observer. You can always play it safe with neutrals- the white, silver and black wedding hire cars make safe choices which will go with just about any colour scheme of wedding dress, bridesmaids dress and guys' suits.

Wedding photography makes great use of wedding cars as features- so it's important to choose vehicles you will pleased to see throughout your pictorial record of the day. A noteworthy feature of any car to a wedding photographer is, oddly enough- the door from which you will alight. "Suicide Doors" or doors which open in the opposite manner to which we are accustomed, allow a more showy exit from the car, and create opportunity for spectacular photography of you seated in the car. Add a driver who knows what he's doing into the mix, and you have just set the stage for some wonderful images.

Melbourne wedding photographers trust that this brief article has given you some insight into choosing the wedding transport that's exactly right for you.

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