Melbourne CBD- artistic wedding photography around city buildings
Melbourne CBD Weddings
The CBD of Melbourne City offers stunning settings
melbourne garden wedding at fitzroy gardens
Garden Wedding Photos
Melbourne is the Garden City, perfect for weddings
wedding chapels make attractive night photography settings
Wedding Chapel Melbourne
Wedding chapels provide wet weather backup
bridal couple on melbourne beach foreshore
Beach Weddings in Melbourne
Gallery of beach weddings in Summer.
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Candid Photos of Happy Wedding Moments

Bride laughs after Melbourne wedding ceremony

Our wedding photography captures the fun moments. As you move through the crowd and mingle with guests, we're there to get the shots of you sharing a joke or a smile with whoever you're speaking to at the time. Whether it's a joke with your dad, or the recollection of a funny moment with a guest, natural wedding photos make great keepsakes, and help you relive the moment when they were taken.

This picture is from a Melbourne wedding held in the garden at home, and the entire day was an example of great planning and awesome attention to detail. The fun which started from the preparations continued throughout the day and into the night. One important thing we took away from this wedding was that home garden weddings can work really well, when done right.

The property was immaculate, the attention to detail was admirable.

Nothing was left to chance- and as always, when you have a comprehensive wet weather wedding backup plan, what happens?
The sun shines, and there's no rain to be seen anywhere, despite the weather forecast to the contrary!

To help you work out the ideal timeline for your day- our wedding photo planning tips page is a great starting point, if you're faced with the dilemma of a blank sheet of paper, and you're looking for a starting point.

Registry office weddings are quick and easy- but have you ever wondered about what happens next? Where do you go for wedding photography after the ceremoy concludes? Our site shows a set of wedding photos from Melbourne taken in and around the Registry Office, located in the old Treasury Building, in Spring Street. This gallery will help you plan your wedding at the Registry Office, as well as the post-wedding photography session around some of Melbourne's most popular spots afterwards.
We recently shot wedding photos at the renowned Yarra Yarra Golf Club in Melbourne. This is one amazing venue with lots to offer wedding photographers. Melbourne wedding couples can have their ceremony on site, or, as in this case, be married elsewhere and enjoy their reception at the venue. If you head to the Yarra Yarra Golf Club Weddings gallery page of our site, you can browse through the pictures  and see the diversity of settings available in one venue. If the weather is less than ideal on the wedding day, there are many paces indoors to keep photographers and newlyweds busy. The interior has a classic warmth; the lighting is soft and mute; and full length windows in the boardroom allow for great available light portraiture using directional window light.
The latest wedding photography gallery featuring Poets Lane weddings has been published on our website. The gallery provides preview images of the venue in Autumn- arguably the best time of year for wedding photography on Mount Dandenong. We have also included some winter wedding photography from Poets lane, which should be enough to help you understand whether or not a winter wedding on Mount Dandenong- or anywhere else in Melbourne- is for you. See our Poets Lane wedding photography and check out the beauty of this venue, from a collection of pictures taken in the worse weather imaginable!
It's not often you get to write a post on a near disaster- but this one is real, and there's something here that everyone involved in weddings should take heed of. One of our recent Melbourne brides had paid for chaircovers- on ebay of all places- and to a seller with no street address, shop front or landline number. Your typical "take the money and run" person. The transaction was done 5 months ago. 48 hours before the wedding day, the goods still had not arrived. Apart from the money at stake here, there was the risk of everything looking bad at the wedding, and in the photos, as the vendor was suppplying are large portion of the "look good" items for the day.

How does this equate to a wedding photograpy disaster? Let's ask the question differently. How good will the bride look- more importantly how great will she feel on the day- especially when she has been up until 4:30 am on the day of her wedding, setting up the hall? And all this because the decorations and embellishments only arrived hours beforehand. To her credit, the bride did a superb job- and with our makeup artist on the job, and yours truly guiding the ship through the heavy seas, we started not on time- we started early!

An event like the one described here can quickly turn a wedding photography session into a disaster- as people spend more time on the phone trying to rescue the day, rather than enjoying what's happening. The shots were beautiful, the rain poured, we all got wet- however we kept shooting outside at the request of the bride. We had an absolute ball- the pictures show that- and everyone was happy.

It's best not to rely on lady luck working out like this- but rather plan things differently, and only deal with people who are working from a real base. It's different if it's a frying pan you're ordering- but when it's a wedding related item, there's generally no room for error like this.

If you are looking for a review of Lyrebird Falls, you can find one on our website. We have posted a venue review as well as a gallery showing the photogrphic diversity of this remarkable little venue. Lyrebird Falls Weddings benefit from being very close to beautiful fern filled gullies in the forest, and this is a welcome feature for photography. See the collection from this recent wedding at Lyrebird Falls on our wedding photography website.

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Melbourne Photography

Wedding photography in Melbourne City, Chapter House.

Wedding photography is a fluid, dynamic  craft. So much is at the mercy of the day, that often runs differently to how it was planned. Being flexible and quick enought to spot unusual locations in transit, can add to the experince on the day.

The important pre-requisite of this is time!

It's very important to plan well, and plan early. Read our priceless, Melbourne relevant wedding photography planning tips to take the hassle and guesswork out of planning this important part of your day.