Melbourne CBD- artistic wedding photography around city buildings
Melbourne CBD Weddings
The CBD of Melbourne City offers stunning settings
melbourne garden wedding at fitzroy gardens
Garden Wedding Photos
Melbourne is the Garden City, perfect for weddings
wedding chapels make attractive night photography settings
Wedding Chapel Melbourne
Wedding chapels provide wet weather backup
bridal couple on melbourne beach foreshore
Beach Weddings in Melbourne
Gallery of beach weddings in Summer.
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Colours matter- in fact they matter a real lot! There are some important points to keep in mind when you choose the palette for your wedding day. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Wedding photography is predominantly captured in colour
  • Post processing can bring out or subdue some or all colors, rendering them differently to the original scene
  • Black and White conversions can give wedding photography new meaning, by reducing colors to shades of grey
  • Spot color applied to a black and white image can draw attention to one or more elements in the photograph, shifting the viewers interest to a different point to that within the same image in color
  • Toning can alter the mood of a wedding photo dramatically, by applying a tint to the complete picture

If you are planning your wedding day with your wedding photography in mind, try to coordinate the colors of your flowers, bridesmaids dresses and wedding cars. That doesn't mean that everything should be the same colour- but the colour palette should look pleasing to the human eye as well as the camera.

If you like spot colour in wedding photography- where part of a black and white image is brought back to real colour, then white flowers will have the least impact in this technique, as they will just remain white. Deep reds work well, however red is a half-tone, and in a true black and white photo, it reproduces as black.

Wedding photography uses bridal limousines or wedding cars- and it's worth having a think about where the cars will be photographed, and ensuring that there is color harmony with the surroundings your wedding photographer will use.

A final word about an often overlooked element in wedding photography- the humble umbrella. We don't mean photographic light modifier type umbrellas, we're referring to the ones that keep you dry during rain. These stretched pieces of nylon might end up being your co-stars in some of your loveliest wedding photos! Plain works best here- keep the corporate brollies for the golf days and seminars- you don't really need your company logo displayed prominently throughout your wedding album.

Wedding photography is about you- it needs to reflect who you are, above all else!

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Melbourne Photography

Wedding photography in Melbourne City, Chapter House.

Wedding photography is a fluid, dynamic  craft. So much is at the mercy of the day, that often runs differently to how it was planned. Being flexible and quick enought to spot unusual locations in transit, can add to the experince on the day.

The important pre-requisite of this is time!

It's very important to plan well, and plan early. Read our priceless, Melbourne relevant wedding photography planning tips to take the hassle and guesswork out of planning this important part of your day.