Melbourne CBD- artistic wedding photography around city buildings
Melbourne CBD Weddings
The CBD of Melbourne City offers stunning settings
melbourne garden wedding at fitzroy gardens
Garden Wedding Photos
Melbourne is the Garden City, perfect for weddings
wedding chapels make attractive night photography settings
Wedding Chapel Melbourne
Wedding chapels provide wet weather backup
bridal couple on melbourne beach foreshore
Beach Weddings in Melbourne
Gallery of beach weddings in Summer.
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Our wonderful, at times wildly tempestuos and unpredictable Melbourne weather, can really test the mettle of wedding phtoographers. Afew years ago, rain was a memory. Now it seems wedding photographers are getting all the rain they missed out on back then, with interest!

The melbourne wedding photographer advice of the day is to have a back up location or two, planned in advance for bad weather.

The bride and groom will love it, the bridal party will too- and chances are you will end up with some unusual wedding phtoography opportunities thrown in the mix.

Popular locations include bars, coffee shops, restaurants and popular areas which offer under cover access- like those in Melbourne City CBD. It's important to check whether or not there is a permit system in place. Even if you have done all the right things, check the location just before the day, to see that there's no construction going on which might impede your wedding photography.

Wedding photographers are an adaptable lot- but it pays to have the cards in your favour. As any seasoned professional photographer of weddings will testify, there is enough of the unexpected happening, without location lockdown making life hard.

Due your due diligence- and get some hot wedding photography in, during this cold Melbourne winter!

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Melbourne Photography

Wedding photography in Melbourne City, Chapter House.

Wedding photography is a fluid, dynamic  craft. So much is at the mercy of the day, that often runs differently to how it was planned. Being flexible and quick enought to spot unusual locations in transit, can add to the experince on the day.

The important pre-requisite of this is time!

It's very important to plan well, and plan early. Read our priceless, Melbourne relevant wedding photography planning tips to take the hassle and guesswork out of planning this important part of your day.