Melbourne CBD- artistic wedding photography around city buildings
Melbourne CBD Weddings
The CBD of Melbourne City offers stunning settings
melbourne garden wedding at fitzroy gardens
Garden Wedding Photos
Melbourne is the Garden City, perfect for weddings
wedding chapels make attractive night photography settings
Wedding Chapel Melbourne
Wedding chapels provide wet weather backup
bridal couple on melbourne beach foreshore
Beach Weddings in Melbourne
Gallery of beach weddings in Summer.
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Horse and Carriage and Bridal Couple at Bram Leigh Receptions Croydon.

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Photographing Weddings

Example digital wedding album layout photo, showing a collage of a bride.

Wedding Photographers need to make decisions- like the one made during the capture of this image. Do you let the moment slip- because the setting might not be ideal? Would you let a shot like this one go?

Within reason, we shoot what we see. Some of the least organised images become the nearest and dearest reminders of the wedding day as time rolls on.

Of course there needs to be some structure in the photography somewhere-  the post-wedding ceremony photo session makes the perfect time to shoot some wonderful location wedding photos.

Potters Reception Melbourne

Example of Gestalt Imagery used in wedding photography

This wedding photo, taken at Potters Reception makes use of a technique called Gestalt Imagery.

"Gestalt" (from the German word Gestalt -"essence or shape of an entity's complete form") is theory of the mind and brain from the Berlin School. The operational principle is that the brain is analog, holistic and parallel, with self organizing tendencies.

Gestalt theory allows for the break up of elements from the whole into situation into what it really is.

If this is all a bit much...

If just getting the camera to work, is enough for you, then know that there are repeating forms and patterns at work here, to provide the symmetry and pattern in the photo.

Two notable examples are:

  • The outer left wrought iron braid and the chapel roof line
  • The top curve of the wrought iron shape, and the shape of the crown of the tree in the background

These two examples are what give this picture balance, and they also serve to hold it together.